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Each state has an Emergency Management Division that works with FEMA should an emergency occur.  The local jurisdiction will do their best to handle the situation with the resources they have at their disposal.  Should the event be beyond their capabilities or resources, they will look to neighboring communities who have agreed to help.  When all other avenues have been depleted, the Mayor, or another person with authority to make decisions for that community, will contact the county Emergency Management Division.  Should county level be unable to support the disaster with the resources at hand or in neighboring counties, the Director will contact the Governor of the state.  Once the Governor is involved, state resources will be applied to the emergency, as appropriate.  Should further assistance be needed, neighboring states who have made agreements for sharing resources will be contacted.  The agreements are called Mutual Aid Agreements or some similar name.  If the disaster is not controllable with all these people involved,  this is the point when the Governor declares a disaster for the state and calls upon the President of the United States for further assistance.  The path always begins at home, taking care of community.
Community Emergency Preparedness Departments are listed on the following pages.  Should you want a jurisdiction that is not listed, added to the page, please email me using the baby girl to the left!
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