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Preparedness in India
Emergency Management in India encompasses a "108" quickdial much like the "911" service in the United States.  The articles found on this service indicated a suspension of the EMRI which had instituted the services.   
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Emergency Management in India
Emergency Services are needed all over the world. Methods of preparing and reacting to emergencies are universal Please post any comments of interest on the handling of emergencies in India.
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When people with problems move, they take their problems with them... Solve the problems, then, and only then, can you move to someone else's country in Peace.  Learn Emergency Preparedness.  Teach It!
I Love my God-Given country!  I will NOT let anyone hurt her, anymore. 
What you think or pray matters.  It will be coming back to you in multiples.  Learn Emergency Preparedness and teach your children that they may stay safe when the storms come.