It has been a pleasure helping you prepare, today!
Helping friends to prepare before emergency!
Preparedness Drills
Kids Prepare
Some Ways Kids can be involved in Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Emergency kits
    • Pets need preparedness, too
    • Plan several meeting places
    • Practice - remind an adult to shut off electricity, water and gas
  • Earthquake
    • Practice drill - drop-cover-hold on
    • Bolt heavy furniture to the floor or walls
    • Don't get in a car, if you have to go somewhere, walk or run
  • Volcano 
    • Plan an evacuation route 
    • Know the community warning signal 
    • Practice going to a safe place
  • Tornado 
    • Know the warning signs of the tornado
    • Plan a way to warn elderly people 
    • Find the difference between a warning and a watch for a tornado
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Personal Emergency Management
  • Flooding 
    • Understand the dangers caused by flooding 
    • Find out if your home is in a flood zone
    • Make sure important papers and supplies are stored in waterproof containers