Change comes one step at a time.  To move from reacting to an emergency situation to handling that disaster in a calm, rational way, comes from Preparedness.

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In the past, we were told when a tornado was coming and you had no basement to go to, you got in the bathtub and  covered your head with a pillow or whatever! Emergency Preparedness has moved beyond the pillow!!!
It has been a pleasure helping you prepare, today!
Helping friends to prepare before emergency!
No emergency has to be a disaster.  There is alot of information to help with pre-planning.  When an emergency occurs, you can react as though it is second nature, as you have practiced with the supplies you have set aside.

I would love to help you get prepared!  There are lots of suggestions and links on the following pages.   Advice and fun pages.  Don't forget to have the family do practice drills!
Don't forget to include pets in your planning!
Preparedness Drills
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Brings you
Personal Emergency Management
Majasar -
Was a wonderful idea to help Small Business succeed!